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Upcoming Programs

Dec. 2 Sterling Hill NJ

The FMS Northeast Region Fluoresophiles (NERF) Ball will be held on 12/2/17 at the GeoTech Center of the Sterling Hill Mining Museum in Ogdensburg, NJ. The meeting runs from 9 AM until 4 PM. All FMS members are invited, as are prospective FMS members and members of other rock clubs. As usual, an enjoyable and informative program is scheduled:
Lorne Loudin, Research Associate at the GIA laboratory in New York will present his work in Mapping Distribution of Optical Defects in Diamond Using Photoluminescence Imaging.

Rodney Allen, Manager Geology Research and Development at the Garpenberg Mine in Sweden, will bring us up to date on Zinc (and Pb-Ag-Cu too) Mining in the 21st Century.

Stacey Carrier, Ph. D., Technical Sales Manager at Hellma USA, will give us An Introduction to Spectroscopy and Fluorescence.

Geologist Dan Moore will take us on a tour of his backyard, acquainting us with the Fluorescent Minerals of the Helvetia Mining District, Pima County, Arizona
Ken St John will update us on the growth and development of our field collecting branch, UVNomads.
The Midwest Chapter of the FMS spent a recent weekend in the Illinois-Kentucky Fluorspar District. We’ll display a suite of fluorescent minerals from that area.

Lunch is part of the program. Please RSVP

Howie Green

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